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Our Collections

Our collections each offer something different, but all share a complete pocket spring core interior, which is never foam encased. Each collection is built around a specific theme of comfort and support. No matter the price, you may be sure that each model offers exceptional durability, useful life, comfort and support. Each is also sufficiently different in “personal feel,” in order to address a customer’s distinct sleeping needs.

Bespoke by Marshall®

The five model Bespoke by Marshall® collection is the ultimate in luxury. Each Bespoke mattress is hand upholstered to offer a deep seated, luxurious comfort with full support and excellent pressure-relieving response to the body's natural contours. 

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SleepMaker® Luxury Collection

The Luxury Collection is the top SleepMaker® by Marshall Mattress® range, offering 4 distinct, yet subtle comfort choices, from slightly-firmer to slightly-softer.

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SleepMaker® Portfolio by Marshall Mattress®

The Sleepmaker® Portfolio by Marshall Mattress® collection is a five model collection offering traditional Tight-Top, Pillow Top and Comfort Top mattress designs with five distinct comfort choices, from extra firm to luxury plush comfort. 

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